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Friday, June 17, 2011

Worlds Day 8

At last team training was upon us with an early session 0854-0930 each teams slot is determined by their team size, Ireland have 12 team paddlers with 3 minutes per paddler leaving us with a 36 minute slot, this averages to between 3-4 45 second competition rides per person, this was the first real opportunity the team had to practice competition timings,

The session went extremely well with solid rides from all, Barrys high flying loops and space godzillas followed closely with the fast improving junior men Billy, Conor (Snose Junior) and Robbie all putting together solid rides with lots of points on the board, The junior Girls working hard on scoring the safe moves before looking for the high flying loops to really boost their scores.P5160166Small

The levels were low with rain due the weather had been strange with rain at night and bright hot days such a contrast.

Conors nose is looking beautiful swollen with some bruising to his cheek nose and eyes but no pain and hes still as cheeky as ever!


With a few cheeky afternoon beers the order of the day in our chilled out campsite followed by my own squirt boat training session,

With the boats reoutfitted with the help of Claire O Hara (Current World Champion) and some advice and coaching from James Reeves (Current World Champion) ive at last found the down button with the boat plummeting to the dark depths with me hanging on for my life as the boat spirals down!



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