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Monday, June 27, 2011

Worlds Day 17

With today the day we fly home after a solid 16 nights in Germany its time to reflect on some of the scenes of the past few weeks,

  • Ireland send a 12 strong team to Plattling, Germany to compete in the ICF World Freestyle Championships. Against the worlds top paddlers.
  • With team paddlers travelling from as early as May the town was sussed for our arrival.
  • Being met at the airport myself and Bowsie by Tom to really kick off our time away.
  • Training each day in warm water with a variety of weather conditions
  • Camping for 15 nights- looking forward to a bed
  • Junior team members arriving with big hungry eyes ready to achieve and learn.
  • Day 12 the day those juniors grew up into real future contenders both at home in Ireland and on the international scene.
  • The Volksfest – Taking in German culture in an unforgettable night.
  • Kipper on the mic, cartwheeling those tricky’s and milking those jokes
  • a live feed going global really putting freestyle kayaking on the map.
  • Billy Reaching a semi final at his first major event.
  • Me hitting my first head under mystery moves
  • Ronnie finding his mojo with big loops
  • solid rides and big scores from all team members
  • The opening ceremony team Ireland photos joined by all!
  • Friday funday of events and chilled out boating.
  • 5.70 euro for 20 bottles of good German beer
  • Elypsos fun slides and carnage
  • Local slides and diving boards 2 broken noses and a trip to hospital.
  • Enjoying Munich a beautiful European City

A fantastic trip with pile of fun! roll on NOC 2013.

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