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Monday, June 27, 2011

Worlds Day 15 Finals Day

With the water levels holding Saturday would see all of the finals take place.

‘From ICF Web Site’

Plattling, 25.06.2011 - What's numerous well-humored audiences were on the final day of the ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup to see in Plattling could be described as a good conscience, Dane Jackson Show '. The 17-year-old Jackson, who had qualified as the first athlete ever to all four classes of a Freestyle World Cup, got a total of three gold medals (C1, Squirt, K1) and one bronze (OC).

Philip received the most applause, however, Hitzig Rath (GER), who secured the silver medal in the C1 behind Jackson. The Ulmer, who had set itself a target of a top-10 placement could take immediately after the race his happiness. "I can not believe that I became vice world champion.The finals was already a huge success for me and now this. Simply incredible, " so heated council.

Also, the teams from Great Britain and Spain had plenty of reason to celebrate: Claire O'Hara and James 'Pringle' Bebbington brought a total of three gold medals for the British, in O'Hara and Squirt K1, Bebbington also in the K1.

In the Open Canoe showed the Spaniards Adria Bosch and Odej Areta its strength and took gold and silver for her team. Joaquim Fontane won a bronze medal in the Junior K1, Aitor Goikoetxea again in C1.

The U.S., Britain and Spain were therefore the most successful nations in this World Cup and took 17 of a total of 24 medals. A total of 222 athletes from 26 countries took part in the competitions in Plattling. As Kanu-Freestyle still not among the Olympic sports that make the world championships which are held in a two-year cycle, the climax of the competition calendar for the athletes dar. The next World Cup in 2013 in the Nantahala fought Outdoor Center in the USA.

Summary of the final races of the day.

Squirt women

Claire O'Hara, who had dominated throughout the World Cup this discipline had, from the start back at all the critical attacks on the World Cup title. Already in the first run, they reached a score of 946, which proved too great advantage for the other finalists. Silver medalist Motoko Ishada (JPN) reached 580 points and Devon Barks from the United States won bronze (356 points).

Squirt men

The 17-year old Dane Jackson won his first world championship gold medal with a 1293-point run in the second round, which surprised even himself. Jamie Gold favorite Austen (GBR) moved up to the end of 1103 on 1173 points, but handed the 'only' for the silver medal. Toru Ishihara, who is from the Squirt powerhouse Japan, finished the race with 903 points and finished in third place.

Open Canoe

The Spanish team won their first medals in the competitions of the Open Canoe Class. Adria Bosch, who participated for the second time in a World Cup, reached in his final gold medal run 131 points ahead of his compatriot Odei Areta. Areta, who fought a neck-and-neck race for the silver medal with Dane Jackson could well prevail in the end with five points. Jackson took third place with his second World Cup medal.

K1 Junior Women

The 15-year-old Lauren Burress (USA) proved in their final run last nerve. Thanks to a big-scoring loop and a Space Godzilla Burress ran a 196 points, which was enough for the world title. Vice World Champion from New Zealand Courntey Kerin managed a 166-point run and then the British Gabby Bates pointed to third. Burress, who had dominated in the U.S. this season, all competitions in her age group, said that her secret to success is simple. "I'm preparing for each race before the same whether it is a World Cup or the World Cup final " , the world champion of the junior K1.


Dane Jackson won his second World Cup title thanks to a 686-point rides. Jackson put a move by one point - Back Loop, Felix, Space Godzilla and a split Wheel Cartwheel combination, which created no other in the C1 - and won the race ahead of Philip Hitzig Rath (GER) Hitzig Rath, the good performance of German team was crowned with a medal, could hardly believe it myself, to have become vice-world champion. "I had set myself before the World Cup semi-finals as the target. That it has passed the end even for a medal is just madness. In the final, everything worked and I am overjoyed, " said the Ulmer, who referred the Spaniard Aitor Goikoetxea to third.

K1 Junior

U.S. teenagers Dane Jackson once again proved why he is referred to as the greatest young talent in freestyle. Jackson dominated the K1 class of juniors at a consistently high level and won his third world title with a furious 1020-point run. That would have served in the men's class for the shared second place. Silver medalist Joaquim Fontane had in his last attempt to put everything on one card after he had scored only low scores in the two previous runs. He kept his nerves under control and showed a great performance which was rewarded by the judges with 773 points. Bren Orton (GBR) tried nachzulegen, Fontane could not overtake anymore. Thus bronze at Orton, who got 733 points for his last ride.

K1 Women

With a world championship title in the bag Claire O'Hara was mentally prepared to go well in the race for the title of the women's K1. The reigning world champion Emily Jackson (USA), sister of Dane who paddled in all previous rounds of high scores towards the title defense, had to settle for the silver. O'Hara showed especially in the second ride all their skills and took 663 rating points."Right from the first move on, I felt good, everything else will happen by itself," Sun O'Hara."has the K1 women at this World Cup again made ​​a big step forward. I am thrilled that I could be a part of it, " said the likeable Brit. Jackson, in the finale could not get their best performance, became vice world champion with 583 points ahead of training partner Ruth Gordon Ebens from Canada (450 points).

K1 Men

After James 'Pringle' Bebbington would be eliminated in the semifinals and almost his first final run was rather dull, he kept his nerve in the third and final attempt at control. The 23-year-old Briton, who changed regularly wintered in Uganda, his mental preparation for the finale. He found that he was too loose in the previous rounds, and thus had difficulty finding the contest. In the second race he put it, mentally pumped up, his best run so far with 1020 points out. This he could even with a number of his best tricks - Move to the beginning of an entry in the shaft, and both sides McNasty's Phonix Monkeys, loops, a Space Godzilla and a lunar orbit - and once again improve in the third run was an incredible 1053 points. This score, he also had to present, as the Slovakian Peter Csonka for his final ride was also 1020 points. Csonka, who had dominated the quarter and semi finals, was runner-up thus against the Americans Stephen Wright, who received 940 points for his best run.

During the morning we found some fun and games on the Segways with Ronnie taking a fall in the mud and Joey showing skill and composure in dominating the ramp of doom!



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