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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Worlds Day 10

We woke up this morning to the sight of the Big Dog van wedged in the middle of our campsite! no idea when it arrived but its their!

The rain continued through the night with on/off showers today and the river rising 50cm since yesterday the level is well up, Our team training session is in about 2 hours time so will update again how it goes but for the moment the constant rain has turned our campsite muddy with gear wet and not drying, Thankfully the river is warm and at 2am this morning steam could be seen rising from the river in the flood lights an impressive sight!

Last night was relitively chilled out right until Orky had to pay 31euro for a ice cream sundae from mcdonalds when he missed a red light and the police/guards gave a knock on the window. (stupid continental traffic lights!)

This morning weve taken for the town kebab shop for lunch and internet access to charge cameras, phones and laptops and use the internet. Seems like everyone has the same idea!

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