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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worlds Day 6

Today saw the arrival of head MC Kipper from Total Experience, with the campsite filling nicely and the sun still shining. It was the last opportunity for free training sessions so the wave was busy with lots of practice before the team training slots come in.

With the weather hot we decided to explore the local swimming pool, a lovely community complex with a number of outdoor pools high diving platforms and slide makes for a great relaxing afternoon. unfortunately today saw the reoccurance of Toms broken nose this time kindly assisted by a foot to the face whilst pileing down the slide, an unfortunate injury but luckily you can’t keep a good man down and he was raring to go the next morning, looking as attractive as ever.P5150120Small

The lack of rain meant the level was dropping fast today the level cruised down to a rocky 155cm on the guage meaning the carbon boats went back to their bags and plastic boats were the order of the day!

With the locals making the most of the low levels dropping ends between rocks to put together solid rides.


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