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Monday, June 13, 2011

Worlds Day 4

An early start after a late night saw most of the team on the water for an early session with the feature seemingly holding its shape the guys are able to practice and refine moves without having to relearn each day,


With mcnastys going both ways and Caoimhe’s first loop of the week the training is going well. I even jumped on for a spot of sinking and splashing for a while.


The weather is mixed with a warm start and some nice sun followed by a spitting rain that just lasts every day just wet enough to annoy but not wet enough to force you inside.

With the crowds building the eddy queue is getting longer and the more practice people get means each persons rides get longer, 1 unfortunate flush can mean 20minutes plus of waiting untill your next ride, so at another attempt to get wave time tonight the lads are hoping to get on at 11pm under the moonlight, watch this space to see if it works!!


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