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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gul Napa Drysuit  - First Look

A drycag, a drypant and a drysuit...

Released to little fanfare, the new Gul Napa Drysuit is a really nice bit of kit.

Borrowing from the separable SwitchZip technology previously used solely on the Kokatat Idol Drysuit, this drysuit gives alternative options for wearing independently as a drycag and/or drypants.

Unlike the Kokatat model, the Gul version offers a full bib drypant with twin waist that is much more practical when wearing on it's own or pairing with shorty tops, anoraks, etc...

Size-wise, both are a good, snug fit with little extra bulk like some other manufacturers.  So much so, you may find yourself opting for a slightly larger size to allow for layering in the winter.

Pricewise, at €600 this offers exceptional value for money - you get a really good drytop, a superb drypant/bib and together they make up a drysuit!  Great for summer, great for winter and great for travelling!  

While it is possible to buy the top and pants separately, these models do not include the SwitchZip so it makes much more sense to buy it as a suit and then chop and change accordingly.

Buy Online Here:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

12 Gifts of Christmas Giveaway

I-CANOE's 12 Gifts of Christmas

Struggling to find a gift for that special paddler in your life?  Well check out our 12 Gifts of Christmas suggestions and also our competition below!

  1. HF Compact Alpine Throwbag
    An absolute must have for every whitewater paddlers rescue kit.
    20 Metres of 10mm rope makes extractions a breeze.
    This is one of the strongest throwbags on the market and the 10mm rope won't cut through your hands when you are giving it the heave ho ho ho. 
  2. Reliance Euro Splint
    The Euro splint is an incredibly versatile product and is used to immobilise broken bones and sprain injuries, It may sound extreme but its a must have in a paddler's first aid arsenal. You never know when Santa may just slip off the roof! 
  3. LifeSystems Waterproof First Aid Kit
    Made from tough, waterproof material, this kit contains first aid equipment for injuries typically sustained from water sports, as well as general outdoor activities. This kit is perfect for all Christmas Kitchen related injuries and "wrapping" paper cuts!
  4. Peak UK Neo HeadCase
    That's probably what the wife says too when you head out for the Stephen's Day Paddle to work off the Christmas Pud.
    This little gem is fuzzy lined keeping you warm and toasty even when wet.
  5. Typhoon Therma Long Sleeve Fleece
    There's nothing like that warm toasty feeling inside whilst you watch the world go by, perfect for the morning commute or walking the dog this warm thermal layer is thick and comfortable to wear under a dry cag or suit to keep you warm and happy on even the coldest river days
  6. HF Paddle Karabiner                                       An absolute essential, this rated karabiner is strong and durable.  The opening is wide enough to fit over a paddle shaft so the ideal tool for rescue situations.

  7. Fox 40 Whistle
    As the nights roll in and the dark weather is here the paddling options are limited.  Make sure you always carry a whistle to attract attention.
    Also perfect for calling Santa down from the clouds.
    An ideal stocking filler for any paddler in the household.
  8. Nookie Ti Liner Socks
    Keeping the feet warm on the coldest days can be a tough job, but add a set of these to your layers and you will be in for a treat.  Thin enough that they are comfortable year round but warm enough to use as extra insulation from the cold Irish winter.
  9. Sola 5L Dry Bag
    Any paddler will know, You can NEVER own enough dry bags, perfect for storing things in the back of your boat or for keeping the car dry. This 5L Bag from Sola is a great size for snacks or extra layers to safely stow in the back of the boat.
  10. NRS Bumper 15ft Straps
    I don't know about you but I'm always losing straps. I never seem to have enough, These 15ft straps are long enough to comfortably secure multiple boats to your rack. Keep an eye on Santa's sleigh as we've supplied him a few this year for his extra large load.
  11. AquaPac iPhone 6 Case
    Aquapac are probably the market leader in dry cases for phones they are great quality and easy to use.  The iPhone 6 size case is suitable for most phones and the clear panels allow the phone to be used whilst inside. An ideal gift to stay in touch with loved ones on adventures.
  12. Peak Neo Pogies
    Last but definitely not least these Neo Pogies from Peak are a gift straight from Santa.  We've seen him use them on his own reigns during the arctic flights. These are designed to secure over the paddle shaft and slide your hand inside to provide shelter from the outside.  Warm and functional paddling during the winter is hard on the hands. These are a great option to keep the hands warm and functional.

For 12 days of December, we here at I-CANOE will be opening our 
Special Online Advent Calendar

  • Each day at 12 noon we will be posting a new image on Facebook to like and comment on.

  • The following day at noon we will be announcing the winner
    Just before posting the next days image

So you have 12 chances to win over 12 days of December

Merry Christmas from everyone at

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Waka Family

After a few weeks waiting, the current production range from Waka Kayaks are finally available to view and compare in I-CANOE.

The Tutea is the longest production kayak now in the Waka lineup and also the smallest size - pictured in red.

Next up is the Tuna 2.0 which sits sizewise in the middle of the range - pictured in green.

Then we have the Gangstaa, 2016 and 2017 Sickline winner which remains the largest size in the fleet.

And finally, the two new brothers: The Stout and The O.G.

Sizewise, the Stout sits between the Tutea and Tuna 2.0.  Length and volume are slightly bigger than the Tutea but rail and rocker are very similar - see comparison below.

And finally, the O.G. - the most anticipated kayak in the range.  Sitting between a Tuna 2.0 and Gangstaa in terms of size, it features a ridiculous amount of bow rocker meaning that this is going to autoboof every drop and seam it comes close to.

So pop on down, take a look and see which Waka you'll choose for the 2018 season.😊😊😊

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Ripper takes the #FastIsFun ethos introduced by the 9R, and combines it with a playful stern for an extra dose of adrenaline.
Standout features of the design are generous bow rocker for a dry ride, a highly surfable, supremely manoeuvrable planing hull, maximum waterline for exceptional downriver speed and easy attainments, plus the security of a full plate footrest and a complete array of security points and handles.
With enough volume to take on all your favourite runs, in the Ripper you'll be stern squirting out of eddies, dip turning around rocks, and soul surfing every wave... after all, kayaking is meant to be fun!


Monday, August 22, 2016



The all new Racer ST is a unique and ground breaking three in one garment that combines a paddling jacket with spray deck and buoyancy aid for the ultimate streamlined performance. This revolutionary garment was four years in development and is a collaboration between Derbyshire based Peak UK Kayaking Co Ltd, British Canoeing and the English Institute of Sport. It sped Joe ClarkeDavid Florence &Richard Hounslow down the whitewater course in Rio to Olympic Gold and Silver.

Traditionally with a regular PFD ( life jacket ) athletes will have 40-50mm of buoyancy foam on the front and back of their body. The Racer ST holds around 30 percent of its flotation in it’s spraydeck, meaning now there’s less than 20mm of flotation foam on the athlete’s body. Lines can be cut closer to the poles and run times reduced. This piece of kit is truly “Performance Enhancing”. It does of course meet all the ISO 12402 and ICF 6.12kg pfd safety standards. 

  • SS3 four way stretch, breathable and waterproof fabric with 20m hydrostatic head and 20k moisture transmission
  • Gaia environmentally friendly super soft flotation foam
  • Only 20mm thickness on the body
  • Load bearing and secure webbing body harness
  • Tough faced 4mm neoprene spraydeck with added Gaia buoyancy
  • 2.5mm neoprene neck
  • Low profile latex wrist cones
  • EU Registered Patent Pending design
  • ISO 12402-5 Certified
  • ICF 6.12KG Approved
  • Olympic Gold and Silver medal winning performance
  • Deck sizes available: K1. C1. Composite. Keyhole

Some of the other colours, available. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

8 Essential Checks to Make Prior to Travelling to The Alps This Summer

With the weather starting to heat up, we are starting to day dream about Alpine paddling in glorious sunshine and guaranteed water.  With only a few of weeks until the exodus begins, here a few essentials to check off the list before the last minute panic sets in:

1. Passport - OK, so it's probably the most obvious one to start off but most of us think we know where our passport is, but the reality is more likely that the drawer we thought we threw it in after the last time we used it, isn't the drawer where it is now!  Apart from locating it, it is also worth checking that it is still in date and has enough spare pages for the border guards to stamp if travelling through multiple countries. 

2. E111 Card - When travelling in Europe, the E111 European Health Insurance Card, while probably not absolutely essential, is very handy to have.  This will make admittance to casualty quicker and easier and reduce the chance of you being left abandoned in a waiting room with blood pouring out of your elbow.  If you a fortunate enough to have private medical insurance and/or travel insurance cover, make sure to have a card with the relevant contact details to hand.

3. Travel Insurance - A missed flight can mean the holiday is over before it has even begun so even a basic travel insurance plan can take some of the headache out of even a minor disaster.  It is worth checking with your health/car/motor insurer as some have discounted rates if you are already a customer or might have basic travel insurance already included in another policy as standard.

4. Breakdown Cover - Even if you have domestic breakdown cover, make sure to get add on cover for travelling abroad.  The cost is usually very reasonable (under 100 euro) and usually covers up to 30 days or the entire trip if longer (read the small print).  This can speed up recovery and repair or provide a replacement vehicle to continue your holiday if your own has to be towed home.  It is also worth notifying your motor insurance provider as some may require advance notice and/or an additional premium for travelling abroad.

5. Get a Service - Bearing in mind you are probably going to cover more kilometres in two weeks than you would normally do in two months, on a mixture of high speed motorway and steed windy mountain roads, it would be only fair if you gave your car/van a little TLC before you head off.  Even little things like making sure the coolant is topped up and carrying spare coolant, oil, bulbs, etc... can keep things running smoothly when your 2000 metres up the side of a mountain with no phone reception and the dashboard looking like a Christmas Tree!


6. Waterproof Document Case - You've probably all heard the horror stories of boats lost/pinned on rivers with keys/passport/wallet/etc... safely tied inside.  Or cars broken into and all the valuables stolen.  Get a medium sized document case - or most smartphone cases these days are just about big enough as well.  This will act as your personal "safe" on the water with all the valuable essentials inside.  Make sure it is big enough for passport, car keys and some cards - it is worth carrying health insurance card, credit card and some cash in case you don't get to the chosen take-out or you shoot past it chasing gear.  The Aquapac 658 is a pretty good option:

7. Airports/Airlines - Probably the most stressful part of any holiday is the airport check in procedure and experience can vary wildly depending on which airline and airport you use.   For this part of the trip, your kayak has magically transformed into a bike/surfboard/ski's/golf clubs - basically anything other than a canoe/kayak/boat, so it helps to disguise it with a bag or cloth to hide it's true identity (an awesome whitewater machine!).  Get things off to a good start by booking on the oversize baggage option, keeping it within the weight limit and arriving to the airport early.  DO NOT try and blag it by saying it's an extra bag for your girlfriend, it's part of your standard baggage allowance, it "just looks heavy" or arriving within minutes of the departure time, skipping to the top of the queue and gasping breathlessly that it's a matter of life and death to get you on board with your "life saving medical device".  Also some airlines/airports (Aerlingus, Dublin/Cork) offer an "evening before" check-in/baggage-drop service which means you can drop off your gear during the usual off-peak hours the day before and stroll in the day of the flight with just your carry on bag and sunglasses.  Lastly, if you are part of a large group/club travelling on the same flight, it is worth phoning ahead to make sure there is enough room for 8 surfboards, 12 ski bags and 15 forty kilo gear bags all at the same time!

8. Last, but most definitely not least, get out and practice!  Most of us have barely managed to squeeze in a half day a week over the winter and now we will be aiming to do a week of full days paddling on the water.  Even if there is little to no water in your local river, get in your boat and do some endurance/resistance training.  Focus on edging and boat control as the jump in volume is what catches most people out during the first couple of days.  Practice short, sharp, acceleration strokes to get the boat up to speed on faster water.  And make sure to test out your roll in a couple of different positions and set ups.  If there is no convenient river close by, the sea is also great for training on especially in swell and surf.  Most river paddlers don't realise that the skills needed for big volume river paddling are the same as swell/surf.   

Monday, April 11, 2016

NRS Tyrant SUP Board - First Look

The Tyrant is a nice short and stable river SUP.

As soon as it is rolled out, you can tell the quality construction. 
Plenty of D-rings and handles for easy handling both on and off the water.

All fins come with the board and are not moulded in like some other boards.
There's a nice selection of fins supplied as well as a repair kit.
Lovely textured deck pad with heel kicker for added control.
And finally everything rolls up in this sturdy carry bag.

Keep an eye on for SUP specials and demos.