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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gul Napa Drysuit  - First Look

A drycag, a drypant and a drysuit...

Released to little fanfare, the new Gul Napa Drysuit is a really nice bit of kit.

Borrowing from the separable SwitchZip technology previously used solely on the Kokatat Idol Drysuit, this drysuit gives alternative options for wearing independently as a drycag and/or drypants.

Unlike the Kokatat model, the Gul version offers a full bib drypant with twin waist that is much more practical when wearing on it's own or pairing with shorty tops, anoraks, etc...

Size-wise, both are a good, snug fit with little extra bulk like some other manufacturers.  So much so, you may find yourself opting for a slightly larger size to allow for layering in the winter.

Pricewise, at €600 this offers exceptional value for money - you get a really good drytop, a superb drypant/bib and together they make up a drysuit!  Great for summer, great for winter and great for travelling!  

While it is possible to buy the top and pants separately, these models do not include the SwitchZip so it makes much more sense to buy it as a suit and then chop and change accordingly.

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