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Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Waka Family

After a few weeks waiting, the current production range from Waka Kayaks are finally available to view and compare in I-CANOE.

The Tutea is the longest production kayak now in the Waka lineup and also the smallest size - pictured in red.

Next up is the Tuna 2.0 which sits sizewise in the middle of the range - pictured in green.

Then we have the Gangstaa, 2016 and 2017 Sickline winner which remains the largest size in the fleet.

And finally, the two new brothers: The Stout and The O.G.

Sizewise, the Stout sits between the Tutea and Tuna 2.0.  Length and volume are slightly bigger than the Tutea but rail and rocker are very similar - see comparison below.

And finally, the O.G. - the most anticipated kayak in the range.  Sitting between a Tuna 2.0 and Gangstaa in terms of size, it features a ridiculous amount of bow rocker meaning that this is going to autoboof every drop and seam it comes close to.

So pop on down, take a look and see which Waka you'll choose for the 2018 season.😊😊😊

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