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Sunday, June 19, 2011

TNT Day 22+23

pulling into Inishboffin

replanning our next leg.

paddling across Clew bay

landing in achill sound.

Leaving Carna and paddling west for 3 hours we stopped for lunch just before Slyne head. After we managed to slip through a gap in the rocks just at the head. This gave quite a turbulent paddle as the swell was funnelled throw a narrow gap. We hit the gas and shot through with some aggresive paddling...

However it turns out that after 3 weeks on the water our navigation was getting a little too laxed. Cruising up the coastline the land features around us soon resembled nothing like our chart. The Gps started giving a little trouble and so after a long tired and hungry day we decided to just head for the nearest land mass in front of us.. Turns out it was Inishboffin!

A little off the plan..however it gives us a chance to do a little more island hopping tomorrow!

Day 23:

Leaving Inishboffin we hit Inishturk to for a bit of lunch. Only to be greeted by a ghost island...Sitting in the harbour for 1 and a half hours we met only one person!!Turns out most of the island has gone fishing or is on holidays!However it was a nice place to take in.

Blasting on we then headed straight for Clare island on to Achill Beg. Pretty crap wind conditions today as we recieved a force 5 WNW with a reasonable amount of swell.

Ending the day we caught the remains of the flooding tide into Achill sound. A good 3+knots of tide helped to move us along.

4 islands and a force 5 crosswind in one day!not bad going with a little persistance and 3x what a normal person would eat in a day! tomorrow belmullet.

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