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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Worlds Day 2

We awoke to gleaming sun and the sound of frantic boaters running for the water, 6am and the queue was short so on jumped the lads for some early training,P5110029Small

We went to find the local supermarket Globus this thing compares to the whole of liffey valley in one shop with a healthy breakfast of 3 egg 3 bacon and glass of orange for 2.20e we went to the shops to pick up supplies,


Back at camp the things to do are simple

  • Sleep
  • Go Paddling
  • Talk to others about paddling
  • Watch Paddling
  • Eat
  • Drink

So paddling it was, taking advantage of the low numbers most people got 2-3 good sessions. with people on the water right through till dark.P5110045SmallP5110050Small

The evening was spent chatting around the small camp fire we made until a downpour sent most people to bed.


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