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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 29

After a lovely stay in Malin Beg we set out pretty late, around 11am, and swiftly headed out past Gleann Cholm Chille. The wind was at our back, which was nice for a change..but guess what? It soon changed and blew across us. We put the heads down, paddled hard and before we knew it half the day was gone. The weather was crap so there was no point making lunch. We continued on and reached Burtonport after 8. Never have I spent so much time in my boat...9 hours straight. We got into the town and the man in the fish and chip van gave us a meal on the house. Nice guy and it meant we didn't have to cook.

Day 28

Rose early to paddle our longest open crossing so far, Donegal Bay! It was 18.5 knots across (37) and we managed it in just under 6 hours. All this with a good force 4-5 breeze blowing across onto our boats. After a quick lunch we sped past the beautiful Cliffs of Sliabh Liag (well worth a visit if you're in Donegal) and finished at a beautiful harbour beside Malin Beg, only to be reminded of the constant generosity we have experienced on this trip. Within 1 hour a local had given us the use of a holiday home for the night!

Day 27

We set off from Doonmadden today with a force 5 north-westerly breeze as we paddled across Ballisodare and Sligo Bay. Getting a bit sick of the windy weather now and frustrated as our progress is slower than we would like. Decided to put off the crossing of Donegal Bay until tomorrow as we're not guaranteed enough daylight. We stopped at Streedagh beach.

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