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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Worlds Day 7

Another hot day in the Irish camp saw last free practice turn into hiding from the sun with busy morning and evening sessions making sure you avoided the hot midday sun,

With the lads up and on the water at 6am for a 3.5 hour mammoth session to really take advantage before the slots kick in saw tricks being refined and dialled in with long smooth rides from Tom Dunphy to Huge loops from Conor Macken and tight technical experience driven rides of Brian Cahill, the improvements can be seen in every paddler from simple hole surfing to tucking up and throwing down huge rides.P5160132Small

the hot sun once again saw the trip to the local pool for a shower and a cool off, this time unfortunately it was young Conor Macken who collided with a stray foot on the slide leaving him with one massive snose and a trip to hospital.

2011-06-16 16.29.53after seeing the doctor and a couple of X-Rays they advised there was no clear break and that he could continue to paddle but to return on monday when the swelling has dropped,

Macken,Conor Patrick

2 identical accidents in 2 days a lot of bad luck Team Ireland are banned from the slides!

The evening saw the intervention of floodlights at the hole with the majority of the team taking the opportunity to paddle through the night and really get their rides together!.


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