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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 5. Beaten by the wind

Today we set off from beyond Carnsore Point and after 3 hours we reached Killmore Quay and stopped for a quick lunch. When we got back on the water the wind began to pick up. We paddled on for another 3 hours but gained little ground with the wind the wind reaching force 6 and a 3 metre swell. We called it a day and made it on shore with a bit of rough landing pushed by the dumping waves. We covered 12 nautical miles.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 4 Defeated by the sea...only 10 nautical miles

Luckily when there are 2 people in the group we can blame each other and nobody is to blame. Today started off beautifully with a crossing from Wexford bay to Rosslare harbour. We then cruised around Greenore Point with the tide at our backs. We pulled into a slipway a few miles after and chilled out for a couple of hours so the tide would be with us going around Carnsore Point. However, after rounding the point we soon discovered that a monstrously strong tide was against us and the wind escalated to a force 6 head wind in our face!! After paddling for an hour and a half we made zero ground and decided to hit the beach. Apparently someone made a mistake with the tides...who? No one knows. To be continued....Paddy

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Timpeall na Tíre Day 3

We left Courttown at 10am, slept on and missed the morning tide. We paddled for 3 hours until the tide turned against us. Had a kip on the beach, then back on the water at 5pm. Paddled til 9pm and arrived at Raven head. The place could be mistaken for somewhere in Scandinavia. A beautiful long beach surrounded by a forest of pine trees. Camping there for tonight.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 2 the big brother house..

...well this morning we discovered what that smell outside our tent was last night..a sewage processing plant! anyhow we soon jumped back on the water and within 2 miles we experienced the tidal race at wicklow head. A welcome sight!as it picked up our speed and slingshotted us along the coast.
the day started off with a mellow Force3-4 westerly breeze and by lunch time it had built up to a fresh F6 headwind. We battled on anyhow and by 3pm it had dropped again to a force 4 and continued to drop in the evening. Good day overall covering just under 60k and finishing near Cahore head Co.Wexford. Hopefully the good weather continues!...Later Paddy

Flatwater Session at wwkc

Today I found myself stuck with no water again even though the junior liffey was on.
Anyway I made use of what I had and myself and billy headed down to wild water for the day.

Heres a short video I threw together:

Day 1 Timpeall na Tíre

Left Howth head at 7.30am and headed straight across Dublin Bay. Near death experience no.1: Stena Line ferry, keep clear. The tide then pushed us right through Dalkey Island and sailed through Bray, Stopped it Greystones for a bit of lunch and then headed for the long slog all the way to Wicklow town. Tent up, dinner on, dinner eaten, bed! 30 nautical miles, alls good.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Ready for the Launch!

...Already this summer there has been once sucessful circumnavigation of Ireland by sea kayak(destroying the previous record by another Kokatat tem), a second well underway and so myself and Dan are starting the third one..

Over the last few weeks we have seen quite a mixture of weather in Ireland with nice highs in early April and with very mixed windy days during the last few weeks. And this week has been no different with over 70knots recorded in Belmullet on Monday. Weather of this strength and blowing this frequently wasn't expected however it has given us extra time to prepare for the adventure. So over the last two weeks myself and Dan have been putting the finishing touches to our boats adding new keelstrips and fitting bilge pumps. Dan has written up a handy step by step guide on installing the Henderson pump in your sea kayak here:

Finally there seems to be a small break in the forecasted gales and on Friday morning we are going to make a break for it, setting off from Howth slipway just North of Dublin Bay.

Here, this shot displays the majority of the kit needed for our 1600km journey around the coast. Included are our safety equipment, camping, cooking gear, food for 5 days and water for two:

Some of our goals for the trip include:
1. Most importantly growing sea kayakers beards.
2. Paddle with some whale's.
3. Finish the trip!

Some of the key pieces of equipment we have chosen for this expedition to keep safe and warm include:
The Kokatat Tectour Gore-tex cag-

Kokatats gore-tex whirlpool bib-

and the Ronin Pro PFD-

The expedition is being carried out in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation, a charity working to improve end of life care in Irish Hospitals. So far the fundraising has been very successful raising a total of €975 online and off.

Updates and photos from the journey will be located on the I-canoe blog @:
If you would like to donate a few euros to the Irish Hospice Foundation please visit:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tridents are here!

Wrsi new helmet the trident are in stock now!

In 2 fabulous colours pop in and take a look!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Install a Henderson Foot Pump Kit in your Sea Kayak

How to Install a Henderson Foot Pump Kit in your Sea Kayak

What you need for the job:

Henderson Foot Pump Kit
1 metre square of foam, 75mm thick.
A scissors.
A marker.
A kitchen knife.
A sheet of cardboard.
A drill and a hole saw bit.
A measuring tape

Before I started the job I removed the old foot rests as the foam that will hold the pump doubles as a foot rest. Make sure whatever foam you get when doubled together will reach the same point where you foot rest was before. You can slice down the first bit of foam used below if its too thick. We used this foam method as its strong and little can break or go wrong once its installed correctly.

Step 1:
Take a piece of cardboard a cut out a template of the bulkhead behind your foot rests.
This should fit in as accurately as possible.

Step 2:

Place the template onto the foam block and trace an outline onto the foam with a marker. Remove the template and draw another line 2cm around the outline of the template.

Step 3:

Using a kitchen knife cut along the outer line marked on the foam.

Step 4:

Trim the back of the foam at an angle with the knife. This will make it easier to push the foam into the kayak against the bulkhead.

Step 5:

Place the foam against the bulkhead. This takes a bit of time and requires you to sit in the boat and push the foam in with your feet. If you find the foam is too big, keep trimming small amounts of the edge of the foam until is fits in snuggly .

Step 6:

Cut out a second piece of foam following steps 2-4.
Place the pump in the centre of the of the second piece of foam and draw on the outline of the top part of the pump housing. Do not draw around the pieces that stick out for housings the screws. Cut out the shape following the marked line.

Step 7:

Turn the foam over and place the pump in to the hole until it meets the housings for the screws. Mark around the screw housings and mark a trench to receive the hose going from the back of the foam to the front. Cut out the bits where the screw housings are, just deep enough so the pump fits in flush with the foam. Cut out the trenches to fit the hose above and below the pump.

Step 8:

Attach the hose using the clips that come with the kit. Run the hose from the back around to the front of the foam. It can be held in place for the moment by putting a strip of duct tape across the bottom of the foam. The hose that lies on the bottom only needs to be long enough to reach the front of the foam. I recommend attaching the hose to the bottom of the pump first, cut it to length, leaving a good length to run from the top of the pump to the outlet later. If you wish you can also put screws through into the foam where the four screw housings are. At this point make sure that the pump is up the right way up, an arrow on the back of the pump shows the direction of the flow, make sure it points towards the hose that runs to the outlet.

Step 9:

Place the foam holding the pump into the kayak up against the first piece of foam similar to step 5. Gauge how far the top hose travels from the pump to go to the top of the kayak and mark this point inside the kayak. Take a measuring tape and measure from the edge of the front of the cockpit to this point inside the kayak. Copy the measure onto the outside of the kayak and mark the point. Using the drill and hole saw bit, drill a hole into the kayak at the place you marked.

Step 10:

Insert the outlet flange into the hole and secure using the nut provided. Attach the top piece of hose to the outlet from the inside of the kayak and secure the hose to the outlet using another hose clip. And you're done!

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Galasport Echo

Just unwrapped a beautiful new Galasport Echo in brilliant white for a customer in Norway.

Just after un-crossing my fingers and un-holding my breathe as she's survived the journey in 1 piece!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweets for my Sweet

After receiving our first batch of sweet 2011 helmets a couple of weeks ago, we'd kinda forgotten about the new casual wear due out!

See below for details of some of the newest additions to the range.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frontier DVD

Yes it's been a while comin but our first batch of Frontier DVDs have just arrived!

Get em while they're hot

See here to order:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Club Freestyle Day–Rockhoppers


Today I took out rockhoppers as part of my push to introduce freestyle basics to clubs and groups.

We headed up to Templemills Weir Affectionately known as Bernies Hole after its discovery by the famous Tricky Woo of

The group arrived 11in total we spent the first part of the session discussing boat outfitting before getting everyone snug in their boats

bum- hips- feet- thighs- backrest…

we then worked together to float test the boats and look at trim.



Once on the water we went through basic skills and techniques to develop including, spins, Stern squirt, supercleans, bobbing the boat, edge control and looking at the fun scoresheet, before dropping down the weir to have a play in the stopper


in the stopper we used what had previously been learnt to have fun and use the feature.

heres the video and a few photos.

Rockhoppers Freestyle


more photos here!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Galway Bay Sea Kayak Race 2011

Yesterday afternoon and the docks in Galway city played host to the third annual Galway Bay Sea Kayak Race. The sun shone (in between the downpours of rain and force 5-6 gusts)and the race went on with a strong field of about 50 kayakers. Race classes included a short course for beginners 2k, an intermediate race for touring sea kayaks 8k and a long course of 12k for the racing skis.

registration and home to the 'Green Dragon' boat

getting ready for the start

The race begun at Spanish Arch in the city centre in an effort to draw in some local spectators. And we then sprinted off on a two lap downwind course across the bay. The racers flew downwind riding a small swell, then had to battle straight into the wind only to know you'd have to do it all again in a few minutes. I paddled in the 8 k class competing against Wongy, JP and many other quick sea paddlers to finish up in fourth place.

the uber quick skis

Sea kayak races are relatively young in Ireland, yet over the last few years a bunch of them have popped up across the country. Now Dublin, Galway, Cork, Donegal and soon Mayo will have their own sea kayak race.
The next race is on the 25th of June in Killala Bay Co. Mayo:

It was a great location, a really enjoyable day and a well run event by Jim from kayak mór. The event caters for every level of paddler and I'd highly recommend competing in it next year! Full results will be up soon on:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Folding kayak

Some pics of folding kayak assembly

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Push pins

Another commonly requested item now readily available - push pins to make DIY split paddles!!

Details will be up on our website shortly...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pol an easa Waterfall, Co. Leitrim 1st Descent?!

Since finding this drop whilst visiting the area every visit means a trip to have a look.


This day was different all set to walk the river to see what was upstream. As we arrived we noticed a little more water than expected so today was the day!

2011-05-07 13.45.54

A little more water would of been nice!

1st video was not saved (Camera girl still training)

Heres the 2nd Attempt!

Top Drop

Top Drop

Bottom Drop

Bottom Drop

2011-05-07 13.29.36

Thanks to Fiona, the Camera girl in training!

Happy Paddling.

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