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Friday, May 6, 2011

NRS Ninja PFD Review


I’ve had my Ninja for almost a year and the great news is they are finally ISO approved so we can now stock them in the shop!

SANY0354This has to be one of the best low(est) profile, PFDs on the market today!  It could be closely compared to the Kokatat Orbit in terms of overall shape and cut but the Orbit is not ISO/CE approved and the Ninja has two quick release clips on the RHS which makes getting on over bulky drysuits, etc.. a piece of cake. 

SANY0370The quick release clips also reduce the need to loosen and readjust the side straps after each outing meaning less fiddling once you have it set up the way you like it.  There’s also a neat handwarmer pocket in the chest which I use for storing my camera.  While black may not seem a totally practical colour to weather, the reflective piping makes it stand out even in minimal light and most importantly, it looks cool!!!

SANY0371OK so lastly the one major point I would improve is the tiny, tiny front pocket.  It’s barely large enough to fit my keys which live there while I’m on the water – at least there’s a handy clip to fix them to – but not much else! There’s enough space to fit a decent sized pocket so hopefully that can be remedied in the near future.

One other suggestion I’d have would be to fit some webbing loops for a QR Chest Belt.  If that were done I wouldn’t bother with a seperate River Vest and would be totally happy to use this as my one-stop, do-it-all PFD.

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