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Monday, May 16, 2011

Club Freestyle Day–Rockhoppers


Today I took out rockhoppers as part of my push to introduce freestyle basics to clubs and groups.

We headed up to Templemills Weir Affectionately known as Bernies Hole after its discovery by the famous Tricky Woo of

The group arrived 11in total we spent the first part of the session discussing boat outfitting before getting everyone snug in their boats

bum- hips- feet- thighs- backrest…

we then worked together to float test the boats and look at trim.



Once on the water we went through basic skills and techniques to develop including, spins, Stern squirt, supercleans, bobbing the boat, edge control and looking at the fun scoresheet, before dropping down the weir to have a play in the stopper


in the stopper we used what had previously been learnt to have fun and use the feature.

heres the video and a few photos.

Rockhoppers Freestyle


more photos here!

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