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Monday, February 3, 2014

Wavesport Kayaks Mobius–First Impressions


So its been just over a month since we took the first delivery of the new Wavesport Mobius freestyle kayak.

I’ve only had it out on a few brief occasions but I can safely say, this boat is a thousand times better than its predecessor, the Project X.

I’m well within the weight range of the medium size, the Mobius 57 and there’s plenty of room to get comfortable.  I always found the Project X 56 a bit of a handful to throw around on flatwater and a little unbalanced and clunky on the tail.  The Mobius 57, even though it’s got an extra gallon of volume feels like a much smaller and better balanced boat.  Linking ends is easy and there’s plenty of volume right around the knees when chucking loops, space godzillas, etc…


The Ergo Play outfitting allows you to adjust the seat, on the go and without any tools.  The ratchet seat pad allows you to lock right into the thigh braces but I still found I’d need a happy seat/seat belt to stop me getting pushed up off the seat during loops.


I’ve yet to try the Mobius on a proper wave feature but all the feedback I’ve received so far is that it is very fast and loose and able to surf green waves other playboats would just fall off the back of.

All in all, a great addition to the Wavesport line and a kayak I’m looking forward paddling more in the future.

Happy Paddling,


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