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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Check Whether Your Knot is Knotted Correctly or Not

Nearly all throwbags have a looped knot in the end for tying/clipping onto.

Ideally this loop should be small to avoid the risk of accidentally trapping someone's fingers to the bag when it is under tension.

For this demonstration, we are using the Nookie 15 metre throw line which is easy to pack, has nice thick rope which is easy to handle and a listed breaking strain of 13 kN.

The loop in the Nookie bag is tied using a bowline knot. Now, all knots reduce a ropes overall strength by a certain amount and some knots reduce it by more than others.  A bowline can reduce the strength to approx 60% of the total breaking strain whereas a figure of 8 would reduce it to around 80%/90%.
So after making the loop on the outside of the bag as small as possible, I tied a figure of 8 first...

... Which I then retreaded.  I added a cable tie at the base of the knot to stop the loose end from making a nuasence of itself.

And here it, the finished knot - much tidier than before.

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to check and retie every bag we sell but it is good practise to check your bag regularly to ensure it is in good working order.

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