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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nottingham summer Training

Last week myself, Tom Galione , Craig Cummins and his dad Eamon headed over to the white water course In nottingham. We went over on the ferry and had the best part of a five hour drive on the other side between stopping off in Liverpool and traffic the whole way, But we had the laptop and the Ipad to keep us going .  When we arrived at the course we headed straight to the campsite and set up base.
Our Home for the week

Once that was sorted out we got our gear together and headed to the course. The plan was to get our act together for team Trials. Its my first year as a senior and Its looking like one of the tuffest years in a while.

heres a few photos from the week to give you an idea how we got on and a short video I made too. Thanks for reading.

Thanks to Surfplugs, Third Eye Media, Jackson Kayak and I-Canoe for the Continued Support.

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