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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Canada the great ottawa river

SO! this summer i decided to get out of boring old Ireland  and head to Canada to work on my paddling and coaching . And what can i say i left with the standard of both so so high thanks to the river and the liquid skills team including Joey Hitchins a legend in freestyle kayaking for the the 2 months i had access to an amazing river with the best coaching on and off the water!!! We worked shadowing for joey and some of his other world class coaches which in itself was an amazing experience .

The River was simply amazing i did not  paddle a mile without running into some top class white water .For the first couple of weeks all we got was corner wave and right side which was still pretty good . I guess what really hit of the summer was Garb this wave is everything you could ask for retentive bouncey and big air !

Just down From Garb  we had another sweet little nook on the river push button which was 2 features a nice fast hole and a mellow little wave just  behind it perfect for the best of both worlds . All in all it was a great trip and already have plans to go back .

Id like to thank my sponsors for supporting me in my trip over . Big Thanks to ( I CANOE , KOKATAT , JACKSON KAYAK , SNAPDRAGON , CORE PADDLES , )

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