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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Worlds 2011

Just back from Plattling Germany were the ICF world championships was held, i had a great time with my week starting off with an open wave which we could hop on and off to at any time! . people were every where and the place was buzzing with excitment ,people of all nations and countrys were present including some new countries such as india and argentina. the hole itself was very hard to get used to and i couldnt even get around to looping in it which i found very frustrateing , i eventually got there with the help of AD and Tom who had been there before me and where well filled in on how the hole worked.

By the end of the second week i had all the basics down such as cartwheels loops godzillas and spins, at this stage team training had started and it was harder to get on the wave because pretty much all the athletes had turned up, team training was great fun and the team coach adrian was giving us tips and video footage as to what we were doing wrong and how to fix it.The comp came up very fast and my heat was last which i was very thankful for after seen robbies run i was super fired up and i had Tom and adrian for some last minute advice , i started mt ride with a spin and then a loop and after sticking both moved onto a godzilla ,cartwheel and as jasper would say a huge mc nasty. this placed me 10th and into the semi finals where i finished 8 th over all. i had a great time in plattling and would recommend it as a trip it has everything you need!

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