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Friday, July 29, 2011

Trip to HPP 2011

Last week myself and the rest of the Sluice Crew headed over to the National Watersports centre in Nottingham. We flew over with the wonderful Ryanair and it took about 40 Minutes. Through the week we had two sessions every day breaking down for lunch in the middle. We all progressed a lot from Daniel finally getting his straight loops to the rest of us getting our Space Godzillas down and even McNastys at times  :D
We had the camera recording every day and I now have 60 GB of footage to trawl threw. Be sure to keep a look out on Sluice Crew youtube for a video soon, It should be my best yet , Maybe take a look at last year's video here to compare:

 And here's a few pictures from the week.

Conor Throwing an Air Loop
Shane Throwing a Godzilla
Robbie Trying a Phonics Monkey
Tom Looping In Top Hole
Daniel Plugging for a loop

Well I will leave you with that, Might see some of you at the Clifden Rodeo this weekend. If you have not signed up already or want more info on it you can find it here.


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