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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Rapids

Anyone who has had the pleasure of my company, while enjoy a few brews, over the years has heard me rant about "The Rapids" on the Corrib in Galway.

My rants usually include claims of the best river wave in the country, where any move is possible in any boat, where you could roll up with a tampon on your deck and cornflakes up your nose and only works when the tides, moon, rain, water levels, air pressure and stars align.

Thankfully, the sewage plant has cleaned the water a bit, but I have never had any proof of my other lofty claims.

Until now . . . .

Last weekend the Corrib was on full release of 16 gates, there was high pressure and there were minus low tides, this meant one thing, the rapids would be working.

And fortunately Chris was there to record the occasion and provide proof that . . .

"The Rapids" do exist ! ! !

Here is the video Chris put together, i'm sure you agree the quality is great. Enjoy.

Chris's post on the session is here

Here are a few stills from my footage

Pierce testing the Molan.

Conor Allen surfing it up.

John Staunton bouncing high.

Me flopping.

Daragh Croc launching for a blunt.

Joe Ryan getting vertical.

Steve Hynes going clean in the PX56.

Smoother surfing

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