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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paddy’s New Expedition Kayak


Earlier this week, Paddy’s lovely, shiny, new Northshore Polar HV Kayak arrived for his forthcoming Round Ireland Expedition.

SANY0131  Paddy’s still in his last year of Outdoor Eduction at GMIT in Castlebar, Co Mayo so he dropped everything, hit the road and arrived up to Dublin to pick up his new baby.

SANY0137The Northshore Polar HV is one of the biggest composite sea kayaks we could source and is sure to be big enough to carry Paddy and his gear on his trip around Ireland.

Paddy is undertaking the trip in May/June this year and is up against some stiff competition from a couple of other groups looking to break the current record.  He will be paddling with Danny Egan and they are currently training hard.

Both Paddy and Dan are supported by I-CANOE and Kokatat Waterwear and we all wish them a safe journey.

Keep an eye on the I-CANOE blog for further updates and progress and please donate what you can to their chosen charity Irish Hospice Foundation:

For more details on the Northshore Polar HV see here:

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  1. How do you like the polar HV?
    How long did it take from you ordering until you received it? just asking because I ordered one in November2010 and still no sign of it.