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Friday, January 28, 2011

So the training has begun!......Timpeall na Tíre 2011

On the first of June 2011 myself and paddling buddy Danny Egan will be setting off to circumnavigate Ireland by sea kayak. The trip is being run in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation. A very well deserving chairty, working in Ireland to increase the standard of end of life healthcare in our hospitals.
We intend to get around Ireland as quickly as the weather will allow. And we have started a training regime to ensure that this will be possible. Currently the focus is on our diet, plenty of winter sea paddling and the overall increase of our aerobic abilities.
Here are a couple of shots from some recent trips on the east coast, at Rockabill, Lambay Island and Dalkey.

Shag's perched on the islands at skerries

the uninhabited rockabill up close

a rabbit sheltering from a force 6 on dalkey island

returning to loughshiny at dusk

The adventure is being supported by Colm at I-Canoe and Kokatat watersports equipment. If you would like to donate to a good cause please go to this webpage:
Donations can be made by laser, visa and mastercard.

Thanks alot from Danny and Paddy, plenty more information soon to follow.

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