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Thursday, August 6, 2009

US Trip Round Up, Part One

Well I'm finally about to getting round to
writing a trip report from our recent "expedition" to the US of A. It all started in Seattle, before we quickly headed for Canada (as the lure of MEC was too much for James). So we got a quick blast on the Chilliwack and found a kayak shop that was even worsely laid out than our own!

No sooner had we got used to Southwestern
Canada (and CAN$) than it was back to Northwestern USA (and US$).
Heading back via Seattle (again) towards Moscow, Idaho

to meet up with the main man in town, general Mr Nice, and existentialist

thinker, Bennett Barr.

He was kind enough to show us around his buzzing Metropolis and

enabled James to conduct another spending spree at NRS HQ (its as big

as they say).

After catching some Zzzzs at B. Barr's gaff and a minor technicality featuring an exploding tyre (not my fault honest!), it was off to the Clearwater River and the Lochsa Tributary. Lovely warm up run, pool drop in character with lots of variety to keep us entertained. Wai Har had some interesting lines and paddled her socks off while we developed an interesting "rafting" technique to get her through the harder stuff.

After some awesome cranberry lamb sausages that evening and some hot spring action the following morning, it was off to the mighty Salmon River for our last warmup before THE SNAKE.

The Main Salmon was bigger volume but more of a cruise than the Lochsa and pretty much epitomises US booze cruisin'. There were some big 'n' bouncy rapids but no real play features as such so we legged it to the finish before the lightning hit.
Cheers 'n' Beers,
N.B. I-CANOE, the I.C.U; the B.C.U. and/or the K.G.B. do not condone the use of alcohol (or other substances) while in or on the river. Anyone who does, does so at their own peril!

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