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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Servicing and Repair Options

boat servixce


So the water has returned and its time to dust off the old boat and paddles and hit some of Irelands wettest rockiest ditches.

As you load up the car you listen as that bolt is still rolling around the inside of the hull from where it came you have no idea, and where its going to go is also a mystery as if it falls out would probably be less annoying for all of us.

A few weeks later and you start to wonder….. how important was that bolt?? As you pull through on your best boof and the seat slides back 3 inches leaving you in no mans land touching nothing and falling graciously from your boat.

So that bolt was a little important…….



Here at I-Canoe we understand just how important every single bolt is and also where they actually should go!

We are offering a free* boat check up service

By bringing your boat into us we can tighten replace and refit any bolts, bulkheads or ratchets to give your boat that safe feeling again.

We can offer

  • Bolt Tightening and replacements
  • Ratchet upgrades and replacements
  • Hip pad fitting
  • Foam outfitting
  • Bung Replacement
  • Welds and repairs
  • Pretty much anything else

Unlike halfords if you pay for the parts we will fit for FREE! for cracks and welds we can look and quote on any damage.

We carry many spares in stock for specialist part we can order in for you.

*Free check up – you pay for parts we fit for free!


Other Services


We can fit and repair broken shafts from many brands please give us a call for a quote.

We carry stock blades from Double Dutch, Jantex and Galasport which can be assembled in store for your own custom paddle.


Latex Seals

We stock and sell DIY Latex seal kits for ankles, wrists and neck of dry cags and suits. these easy DIY packs contain seals, glue, sandpaper and some 303 protectant to keep your seal in excellent condition. ONLINE HERE

We also offer an instore seal repair service the usual turnaround is approx 2-3 days just depending how busy we are we can get them done overnight if needed.

The price for us to replace

Neck – €50

Wrist (Single) – €30

Ankle (Single) – €30

Socks (Single) - €30


Just checking if your still reading we have a fantastic instore coffee machine manned by erm well…US

So come on down, visit us instore for a chat, a gander, a nose, to view, to feel or to sit in. we are happy to help.

See you on the water.

Team I-Canoe



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