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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Colin Wong Checks in Expedition Inception


“Expedition Inception” (EI) what is it? Why? How? Are to name a few questions that are asked of us on a constant basis. To try and help explain I am going to give a short account of what EI means to me. The name originated from the idea of trying to do loads of little expeditions all within one bigger expedition. Taking from the movie inception, with the plot based on dreams and what happens in your dreams we found the name Expedition Inception very fitting. This trip is nothing short of a dream and for the past two and a half years it felt like a dream. All of a sudden I’m in the Transkie writing this blog. Inception!


From the start we have experienced all emotions, happy, sad, excited, let down, scared, etc. TIA, Living/Adventuring in Africa was once explained to be as being Bi-polar. One second you love it the next you hate it. Thankfully with the people on the trip along with the people we have met along the way we have had way more ups than downs.


The first 2 weeks of EI was spent organizing a vehicle and all the fine details so we can cross borders with the vehicle. The next 2 weeks we spent collecting boats, searching for water and in general trying not to be sad at the lack of rainfall. However even though there was a lack of water we had some amazing days on some classic whitewater around the Crocodile River. Swaziland was an exciting prospect for kayaking, sadly the rains didn't come after all the rain dancing we did I was sure the rivers would be full. However we did get to race a very nice section of water during swazifest, with Jarred coming 3rd Colin 2nd and local boy Shane Raw sneaking a victory by 2 seconds, I blame the terrible hangover from the night before.


Currently we are at the transkie resting from the epic kayaking around this area. We are organizing a 3 day First D for New Years. This area is a dream.

We have landed on our feet with the contacts we have built up along with the people we are paddling with. We are all getting ready for an emotional ride deep into the Transkie were the laws are different, fields of weed are planted along the river side and if we pick the wrong campsite there is a likely hood of getting shot by the local drug dealer! However the beauty of this area and the excitement of going into areas were not many if any people have been is too attractive for us to turn down. This place makes us feel like true adventurers, we cook every night over a fire, make bread from beer and when possible sleep under the stars. We have found an area not touched by many and we are the only kayakers here. EI!

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Colin is supported by I-CANOE for Jackson Kayaks and Kokatat Waterwear and Shred Ready Helmets support EI.

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