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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Seannafarracháin

The Seannafarracháin is one of Ireland's best steep creeks if not the best. Located on the Galway Mayo border just east of Leenane and sitting next to the Srahnalong Valley it lies in an area with some of the best creaking in Ireland. Dropping an impressive two hundred meters in just 1.5 kilometers the Seannafarracháin is filled with endless slides and drops.

Like many of the rivers in the area levels rise and fall extremely fast , once the rain stops you can visibly see the level drop within minutes. The Seanafarracháin and other rivers in the area do not need particularly heavy rain to come up but merely consistent rain to give you enough time to finish the run. A southerly wind helps as it pushes the rain up the valley and coupled with consistent rain is a sure sign of a good day out here.

The video shows just over half the rapids on this incredibly run. This is one run that is worth the trip regardless where you are in the country.

One of the First rapids at the top of the valley
 The Seannafarracháin(left) & Srahnalong(right) valleys side by side
Bren Orton on another rapid towards the end of the river

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