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Sunday, July 15, 2012




The new 2012 NRS Revolution Drytop is tougher, stronger and DRIER than ever before. 

Having owned the previous model for the past 2 years, I was reasonably happy with it.  That model featured the lighter weight eVent breathable fabric which was great in warmer climes and needed a little more TLC.

This new improved model is certainly more heavy duty, if a little less breathable.  It features the unique Liquid RSeal on the seams to ensure leak-proof performance (as used on NRS SAR suits).  The fabric thickness and cordura re-inforcing adds confidence if and when bush-whacking is required.

IMG_3946 IMG_3947

The fit of the cag is nicely tailored, stylishly designed and is available in black or red.  There is velcro adjustment on the wrist gasket protectors, a punch through neo neck collar (protecting the latex neck seal) and a pocket on the left sleeve.


I look forward to getting plenty of use out of this cag during the rest of the year and it should be especially good during those colder winter months when the thicker material will offer some insulation.

My only criticism is that with the thicker, less breathable material, and the non breathable liquid seams, you need to be more attentive when layering.  I would imagine that in all but the coldest conditions a single thin base layer would be required underneath it otherwise you may find it a tad sweaty.


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