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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lienz - Day 3

So the team have finally got into the routine of paddle, eat, pool, ice cream, sun, ice cream, pool, paddle, dinner, beer.

We had a chilled out Sunday with two paddle sessions and on her last ride of the day, Muireann decided to play in the most retentive part of the hole. After many unintentional ends and wha-thunks she bailed out of the boat and went for a little body surf to finish.

We swiftly rescued everything minus a booty and while Muireann was picking the gear up of the bank, she nicked her ankle on a rock. What looked like a small gash, turned into a gushing wound so action stations, call an ambulance. A quick trip to A & E, and 6 stitches later and she is as good as new!

Official team training slots start today (Monday).

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