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Monday, March 19, 2012

Curragower Rodeo 2012

Alright, so last weekend we had the Curragower event of the Irish Freestyle league Happened down In limerick. The competition was on the Sunday but myself and the lads decided to head down early Saturday to get some cheeky training in ;)
Saturday turned out to be pretty good with Orky and Dave turning up too. The level was a bit lower than competition but we were still able to throw whatever moves we had.
It came to Sunday and we had stayed over in limerick. We woke up around 11 and had a whopper fry.
Good way to start the day???

We Got to the wave at around half 11 and the wave still hadnt fully formed but registration and briefing was well on its way.

Great performance put on by everyone across the day. I came third just beaten by Shane little by 35 points and Billy Brett the man of the day slaughtering everyone with a whopping 835 points. Fair play man. Thank for to everyone involved in organising it and Im looking forward to the next event Ill leave you now with a short video I made of the day.

later Conor

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