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Monday, February 13, 2012

Kokatat switch, good idea!

The Rogue
My new Favourite piece of gear!so so dry and comfortable and with tight and snug waist clasps keeps the water out of my boat to .What more could you ask for ..the gore tex material is tough and reliable with some extra gore tex layers in the places we need them simply put its awesome.
The Ronin PFD
At first glance the ronin doesnt look like much but its simple and perfect for freestyle with easy front pockets that are perfect for all those bits and pieces .It gives you an awful lot of freedom of movement for freestyle and creeking when those little strokes count.But more importantly it will keep you afloat!
Tempest dry pants
kokatat really got these right they are perfect for what ever kind of paddling you do .They are so dry and comfortable.Just like the rogue they feature very dry waist clasps which make the rogue and pants perfect together.To keep the socks in the best of order and old pair of socks or decent boots.

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