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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kayaking Slovenia

So This September 8 Irish outdoor instructors and 1 Kiwi decided that they would round off the summer with a trip over to the Soca valley in Slovenia!!! After a long low summer on the barrow it was nice to get on some quality moving water
3 of us would drive from Ireland with all the kayaks and gear and the rest would Fly to munich and rent a car. The drive itself is a big ould spin taking in 9 countries and roughly 2200km from Waterford to Bovec in the soca valley! all in the drive including breaks, tunnel and ferry took about 30hrs.

Once we arrived we found the river at a very low level even for September locals told us it was particularly low afetr over a month of High temperatures and no rain, luckly our first night and day it bucketed down rain causing the river to rise slightly.

We started on the Slalom course which in the guide we had was graded at 4/4+ however we would give it a solid 3+ tight and technical! As we expected the river lived up to its rep of being S turn city with Boofs, Flares and rock spins to be made all over the place!!

Once off the river Slovenia is an amazing place with great people and amazing food and best of all its all dirt cheap we ate out every night and the cost was usually about €10-15 ahead for food & drinks (It was a big feed).

The season on the Soca starts in April and runs till October and judging by the amount of people there in September id say it gets very busy in the peak summer season!!

While out there we managed to get a day with the New Liquid Logic Stomper 80 whilst one of the girls paddled it for most of the day she loved it and then I took it for a spin and wow it is smooth, holds edge so well and moves on command I cant wait to take the 90 for a spin!!

All in all Slovenia is a great place to take a weeks kayaking with even enough to entertain in Low water!! The Perfect place for aspiring level 4 skills kayakers to go and get some practice!
Boat rental out on the river is also a cheap option if you only want to make a quick dash over Alpin action charge €18 a day and have a great stock of brand new kayaks, Fly into Venice or Munich and rent a car it really can be a cheap ass trip!!

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