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Friday, April 1, 2011

Jackson Rockstars are here!

So after months of hype and speculation followed by a week of camping out waiting for the delivery they finally arrive!


shorter than the all star with more volume this boat is definately going to be special, so with that in mind we found our special friend to take a seat in the small size.

walshy rockstar

I luckily having been their all week managed to take first pick and decided on a beautiful blue/white colour

my rockstar

So with a new boat I headed to the WWKC pool session with both my boat and the demo to give the juniors a taste of the new toy!

heres the video put together by Conor Macken showing the first session out, Il happily say theirs plenty more to come when the water returns,

Rockstar first pool session

along with the Rockstars came the new 2011 Hero in funky Rasta colours heres colm giving it the thumbs up.

colm hero

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