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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Italy – Day 3

 P5250204 colm boof

  • Back to the Gronda today this time with Neil and Eoin fresh from their Level 5 Skills training.
  • This time we put in below the portage and started with the really nice boof drop (photo above).
  • We took our time and had more cameras than paddlers on the water.  As we had run it 2 days previously we were able to boat scout most of it although it was only towards the end of the run that we realised how much the water levels had dropped compared to the previous descent.

 colm 2mickey 1  colm aeroal

  • The new Jackson Villain S has been working a charm.  Very quick and with enough rain to carve a turn, not too sharp to catch you out.  Boofs like a dream and resurfaces predictably and quickly.


  • We cruised the rest of the Gronda and then pulled out to look at the Sorba Slides and get the cameras set up.
  • The Sorba Slides are probably the most photogenic drops in Italy and just pure fun.  Put in at the pool at the top.  Charge for the lip of the first slide,  Take a breathe in the pool at the bottom.  Boof another small drop into the pool above the last slide.  Charge hard right to flare the lip of the last drop.  Fall into a pillow of aerated water.  Smile and take out at the pool at the bottom.

colm 1 mickey2 neil s

  • Check out this short parrot-cam video of me following Mickey Brennanator down the Sorba Slides

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