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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Mighty Dereen River

Yesterday, Sunday 11th October 09, with uncertain water levels we decided to head for the (allegedly) mighty Dereen River, in Co Carlow. We headed straight for the take-out in Aghade where we met a couple of helpful lads from the Tullow Kayak Club who lead us straight to the put in. Initially the Dereen is relatively wide (considering it's relatively unknown status) and flat but very gradually picks up pace through some easy boulder gardens and pool drops making it an ideal trip for beginner groups. The ladies made the most of the small/tiny play waves and holes encountered at regular intervals.
Some Dereen Wildlife

Wai Har dropping thru the Boulder Garden

Collette before the Camera Died
After that the river narrowed considerably and dropped through the small gorge which made a nice change and then came THE LUMBER. The boulders were bad enough, but at these water levels, there was a considerable blockage of trees. It'll take a big flood to shift the biggest ones and until then it would be probably best to portage rather than squeezing through (and getting hung up on) the branches.
Overall an entertaining spin, with an aggressive swan and the rapids at Aghade to finish and a welcome change from the Liffey, Boyne, etc...

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